9 Best Slippers With Arch Support

If you’re searching for a solution to that heel and foot pain that always seems to get stronger as the day wears on, or you just need some foot support for around the house, then perhaps some good slippers with arch support are what you need.

Maybe you’re a little overweight, train too rigorously, are flat-footed or have high arches that have contributed to discomfort in your feet. In any case, taking the stress off your fascia ligament is a must and the slippers for plantar fasciitis listed below are absolutely the highest rated for comfortability, arch support and for alleviating the pain of walking around barefoot at home (which is contributing to the pain and inflammation in your heels).

Dealing with plantar fasciitis is no doubt a full-time commitment. Fully supportive shoes during the day and slippers with arch support in the afternoon is perhaps one the best routines to adopt if you want to treat your poor feet without having to take pain killers or visit a physical therapist. They’re just going to suggest conservative treatments anyway.

So, minimize all barefoot walking and maximize arch support.

Benefits Of Wearing A Slipper For Plantar Fasciitis

Despite a complete disregard for total foot and ankle support, wearing slippers with the proper orthotic inserts can be extremely beneficial – especially in the event that wearing NOTHING is the alternative. There are actually many people that have had success when adding slippers to their daily footwear lineup. Here are the benefits they see.

  • Continued arch support after you get home. You really don’t want to wear your orthotic shoes until the moment you go to bed and the next best thing to being barefoot is wearing “house worthy” slippers with arch support.
  • They can be worn in and around the home, or even out to the store.
  • Switching footwear means less wear and tear on your daily shoe and/or orthotic inserts.
  • Easy on-and-off encourages use.
  • Comfortability.

There are many plantar fasciitis sufferers on forums and other sites that vouch for the soft and airy qualities that a home slipper can provide. The Spenco Supreme Slide slipper pictured below is a perfect example of functionality plus comfort (why would you ever want to take these off?!?).


What To Look For In A Good Slipper

There are no real defining characteristics of a good slipper since they don’t really provide optimal support for your feet – lacking full foot and ankle support.

But, of course, you’d want to look at the same characteristics that you’d look for in a good shoe for plantar fasciitis.

  • Good orthotic footbed for proper arch and heel support
  • Shock absorbing midsole to reduce stress to the foot
  • Brand name synonymous with orthapedic support
  • Positive reports from other buyers

Common Complaints About Wearing Slippers To Heal Foot Pain

1. A slipper with soft material can often cause the foot to slide around on the footbed, thus contributing to unstable motion.

2. Though they are equipped with an orthotic footbed, they lack the full support that a shoe provides.

Group Studies And Statistics

There currently are no studies that show the efficacy of slippers with arch support in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, however, many users have left feedback on the benefits they have seen after using the products rated here. None of them represent a controlled test, however, you can use your own judgement to determine your interest based on their own published results.

Slippers for plantar fasciitis, much like shoes and orthotics, do use the same technology for heel stability and arch support and it can be assumed that they may be almost as beneficial.

Of course, it has been suggested by many healthcare professionals and in many reports that walking barefoot adds extra strain to the plantar fascia ligament, therefore, adding a “house shoe” could prevent further aggravation and inflammation. In fact, in an article published in 2005 on the evaluation of foot disorders, particularly plantar fasciitis, multiple physicians urge that patients should be instructed to avoid wearing flat shoes and walking barefoot and be started with a cushioned heel cup and Achilles and plantar fascia stretching regimen.

…patients should be instructed to avoid wearing flat shoes and walking barefoot and be started with a cushioned heel cup and Achilles and plantar fascia stretching regimen.

How We Rate The Slippers



(click image to enlarge)

ImageBrand / ModelPriceRating
SketchersWorkShapeUpsSROrthofeet Asheville Comfort Fashion$60+4.5/5
SketchersWorkShapeUpsSROrthaheel Whistler$60+4/5
SketchersWorkShapeUpsSRSpenco Supreme>$503.5/5

1. Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Fashion

The Orthofeet Comfort Fashion slipper was designed with comfort and usability in mind. Leather upper, synthetic wool interior and ergonomic stride soles make this a top choice men’s slipper for combating heel pain. On top of that, they come with a replaceable insole so you can fit your own orthotic inserts into them.

Pros: Adjustable velcro straps – Supportive arch – Rubber sole for indoor and outdoor use – Replaceable insert – Extreme comfort – Probably the best men’s slipper for plantar fasciitis

Cons: Don’t offer half sizes – May be best with over-the-counter inserts

2. Orthaheel Whistler

You can take comfort knowing that the Orthaheel Whistler has been podiatrist-inspired and crafted with your foot health in mind. This slipper has been constructed to support your foot stability and correct over-pronation and all of its associated aches and pains.

Pros: Promotes proper alignment – Aggressive arch support – Can be used as indoor and outdoor shoe

Cons: Lack interior comfort against feet – Not very fashionable

3. Spenco Supreme

Slippers for men with the appropriate arch support are definitely few and far between. Spenco, of course, has you covered. Their Supreme slipper meets the standards of their other orthotic products, with their deep heel cup and orthotic-grade arch supports. It’s lightweight, with a cushioned forefoot and a non-mark outsole… the slipper trifecta!

Pros: Solid arch support – Can be worn indoor and outdoor – Warm and comfortable

Cons: Not a lot of reviews


(click image to enlarge)

ImageBrand / Model PriceRating
SketchersWorkShapeUpsSRHaflinger AT$60+4.5/5
SketchersWorkShapeUpsSROrthofeet 731$60+4/5
SketchersWorkShapeUpsSROrthaheel Relax$60+4/5

1. Haflinger AT Slipper

This Haflinger wool slipper may not have the health industry notoriety or name brand that companies like Vionic has, but it offers plenty of support to those who have given them a ride… especially for the plantar fasciitis crowd. The insole comes fitted with a molded arch support to help adjust for proper alignment and a waterproof rubber outsole for indoor and outdoor wear.

Pros: Extreme comfortability – Looks attractive – Soft wool – Nice arch support – Durability – Several design choices

Cons: Too wide causing feet to slide – Not specifically designed for people with plantar fasciitis

2. Orthofeet 731 Slipper With Arch Support

The Women’s Orthofeet 731, much like the Men’s Comfort Fashion slipper, was designed with comfort and usability in mind. Leather upper, synthetic wool interior and ergonomic stride soles make this a top choice women’s slipper for combating heel pain. On top of that, they come with a replaceable insole so you can fit your own orthotic inserts into them.

Pros: Moderate arch support – Great slipper for around the house – Very comfortable – Adjustable velcro strap – Can be worn inside and out – Replaceable insert

Cons: May have to order a size up – Might be better with OTC insert

3. Orthaheel Relax

Orthaheel’s Relax slipper with arch support is podiatrist-designed and provides the appropriate heel and arch accommodations to correct your stride and prevent excessive pronation. They’re also conveniently adjustable to ensure you get the proper fit. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular slippers out there.

Pros: Great fit with velcro adjusts – Several design options – Can be worn inside and out

Cons: Lack of quality craftsmanship vs. price paid – May have to buy one size smaller – Foot slides on polyester terrycloth footbed


Other Women’s Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis
Orthaheel GenevaSpenco Supreme SlideHaflinger AS



So, there you have it. Many heel pain sufferers just like you have shared their stories on which slippers have worked the best for their plantar fasciitis. Some have found immediate relief upon supplementing with an around-the-house shoe, while others have even welcomed a moderate decrease in their symptoms.

Perhaps not the all-day footwear that a podiatrist would recommend due to a lack of total foot support, but slippers can be a great addition to your end-of-day routine. Or, you may prefer a foot-contouring flip flop as a popular alternative to the house slipper. Whatever you decide, your choice can be made easier knowing that these are the top footwear options recommended from people like you… people that have bounced from product to product until finally finding the ones that work.